Billie Eilish

This twitchy, bass-heavy banger finds Billie Eilish taunting her abusive lover. She tells him she"s in control of their relationship as she enjoys playing the role of a docile girlfriend.

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I like it when you take controlEven if you know that you don"tOwn me, I"ll let you play the roleI"ll be your animalDuring the hook, Eilish accuses the dude of just playing tough when it"s she who is really the "bad guy."I"m that bad typeMake your mama sad typeMake your girlfriend mad tightMight seduce your dad typeI"m the bad guyEilish has the power lớn make the important people in her lover"s life upset.
The cover art for the Bieber remix shows a younger Eilish surrounded by posters of the Canadian pop star.
Speaking lớn 102.7KIISFM, Billie Eilish explained that "Bad Guy" pokes fun at the way people (including herself) try lớn present themselves as rule breakers."The initial idea for the tuy vậy is like people that have khổng lồ tell everybody that they are a certain way all the time? They"re not that certain way... In general, I feel like you will never catch a bad bitch telling everyone she"s a bad bitch. It"s on - it"s you.If you"re going around all the time saying like, "Yeah, I"m bad, I"m always breaking rules, and doing this và doing that." You"re not. I know that because I used to lớn say that & I wasn"t. Bad kids, bad boys, bad bitches, whatever, they vì that s--t and they don"t even know."
This won Best song at the 2019 MTV European Music Awards. Eilish also took home from the ceremony the trophy for Best New Artist.
The tuy vậy is divided into two parts, with the second half 1/2 slower than the first half. Eilish told Rolling Stone she got the idea for the two parts by listening to tracks by rappers JID và Isaiah Rashad."I had been inspired by this tuy vậy called "Never" by JID and this song called "Stuck in the Mud" by Isaiah Rashad that kind of stop for like five seconds in the middle and then start this new song that"s shorter. I thought it was so interesting," she said.Eilish & Finneas ended up using an old tuy nhiên they"d previously recorded for the slower closing bridge & outro.
"Bad Guy" was music critics" favorite tuy vậy of 2019. In a chart compiled by the bbc combining various end-of-year lists published by 30 different music magazines, blogs, newspapers and broadcasters, it ranked #1. The track itself topped seven of the 30 end-of-year lists.
This won Record of the Year and tuy vậy of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 2020. Eilish also won Best New Artist, và When We All Fall Asleep, Where bởi vì We Go?
won Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Engineered Album. Finneas took the trophy for Producer of the Year.
Eilish and Finneas performed this from their living room couch as part of the "Living Room Concert For America," which was broadcast on March 29, 2020. The virtual benefit concert raised funds for the First Responders Children"s Foundation và Feeding America. It also offered words of hope & encouragement from a number of stars, including Elton John, who hosted the event.

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The tuy vậy was partly inspired by rappers who present a false image of their wealth và lavish lifestyles.So you"re a tough guyLike it really rough guyJust can"t get enough guyChest always so puffed guyI"m that bad typeSaid Eilish: ""Bad Guy" is more about people that are always lying about themselves. A lot of it is about a lot of artists right now, a lot of rappers. I feel like pretty much all the rappers right now are lying, about how much money they have and about their house & their clothes etc. It"s like, "Shut up, you don"t have this." It"s just annoying.And it"s so easy to lớn see through people when they talk about their money. They have nothing else, so that"s all they talk about."
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