By Vilain Gold Digger is a professional high-performing hair wax with an extreme hold and a perfect matte finish. (65 ml. / 2.2 fl. Oz.)

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By Vilain Gold Digger Hairwax | Extreme Hold & Matte Finish | Made in Denmark

By Vilain Gold Digger is a professional, high performing hair wax with an extreme hold và a perfect matte finish, leaving your hair looking naturally & effortlessly styled. Not only does Gold Digger allow you khổng lồ create spectacular hairstyles every day, it’s also easy to work with. This wax will thicken your hair by adding fullness & texture, all with a natural, matte finish and no shine. Here at, we compare Gold Digger khổng lồ that perfect pair of jeans you just can’t live without. This sản phẩm is simply a game-changer.

Extreme hold và matte finish Adds fullness & texture All-day style control Lets you manipulate your hair into any style Made in Denmark