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Tired of your old và heavy laptop? Is your desktop computer slowing down and out-of-date? It may be time to get yourself a Chromebook laptop. Chromebooks are light, portable and won’t drain your ngân hàng account. Chromebooks are different from your typical máy tính xách tay computers that run Windows or Mac operating systems. Chromebooks use Google’s Chrome OS, which was created from the Linux operating system. Chrome OS differentiates itself from the competition by running only web-based applications.

Chromebooks hit the market in 2011 and have continued to lớn grow in popularity today as a popular choice in schools across the country.

Chromebooks tend to be lighter và have better battery life than other laptops. While a Chromebook can’t vì everything, it’s a good option if you plan to use your computer lớn browse social media, watch shows on Netflix or Hulu and use the stable of Google applications lượt thích Gmail, Google Docs và Google Drive.

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Chromebooks also tend to be safer than other computers. Thanks lớn Chrome OS, Chromebooks are less susceptible lớn viruses than computers that run Windows or Mac operating systems.

Unlike other laptops, when you start up a Chromebook, the only phầm mềm that you will see is the Google Chrome web browser. Chromebooks rely on the internet because they function with Google’s web-based applications. When you go with Chromebooks with a 32 GB hard drive, the bulk of your storage space will exist in the cloud on Google Drive. This is one of the great benefits of Chrome OS và the cloud because you will be able lớn access all of your documents on any computer with mạng internet access. Just log into your Google account & you can view and edit any of your documents or emails.

If you are looking for a lightweight máy tính xách tay that has fast boot times (on average, just 8 seconds), is optimized for Google apps, has a long battery life và is easy to lớn use, then a Chromebook may be right for you.

Google’s Chrome OS is based on Linux’s operating system, allowing Chromebooks to lớn run Linux applications.Chromebooks have become the go-to máy tính xách tay for schools across the country. As of January 2018, more than 25 million students & teachers use Chromebooks in the classroom. The affordable price point is the main reason why this hàng hóa has become so popular in school. But the price isn’t the only advantage of having a Chromebook in the classroom. Chromebooks are also very secure and school administrators can make sure they prevent students from visiting websites that are inappropriate for the classroom. Chromebooks also work with Google’s educational suite of apps.Chromebooks have always been able to run Google applications, but starting with 2017 models, Chromebooks began having the functionality to run apk applications as well. The result: Chromebooks can now run more than a million additional apps, helping khổng lồ increase their popularity. Chromebooks can run more apps than any other device.The Google Pixelbook is the first Chromebook to come installed with Google Assistant. Lượt thích Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, Google Pixelbook allows you khổng lồ talk directly khổng lồ your máy tính and ask questions to Google Assistant. You can also tap a key on your keyboard lớn activate Google Assistant và type your question in an on-screen chat window. You can also control your music and videos by talking to lớn Google Assistant.While Chromebooks work best when they are connected to the internet, more than 200 apps exist that work while offline. Applications like Gmail, Pocket & Google Drive can all be used without an internet connection. The offline apps will automatically sync up và save to the cloud once an internet connection returns.Chromebooks are known for being lightweight — most are under 3 pounds. They also tend lớn have long battery life. Most Chromebooks can run for an entire day before needing a charge. Some models have a battery life of just 12 hours, so you’ll want khổng lồ determine how much time you need before purchasing.While Chromebooks aren’t known for coming with large hard drives, there are models that come with 32 GB hard drives. Plus, you can still get two years of 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage for không tính phí with a new purchase of a Chromebook.Making a máy tính xách tay that you won’t have lớn worry about your kid dropping on the floor isn’t easy. But that is exactly what some Chromebooks have done (another reason why these devices are so popular in schools). They are put through a series of military-grade durability tests, so know they will stand up under pressure. Some have a water-resistant keyboard. Other models are temperature-resistant. If durability is one of your đứng top priorities, a Chromebook should be at the vị trí cao nhất of your list.Chromebooks may not be the máy vi tính for you if your main priority for a computer is gaming. While a Chromebook provides a lot of great advantages, playing PC games isn’t one of them.The monitors of Chromebooks typically range from 11 inches lớn 13 inches. You can find a slightly larger screen, but these tend to đứng top out at 14 inches. You’ll want to consider how important screen kích cỡ is lớn you before making a purchasing decision.