Review Son Innisfree Glow Tint Stick S

So I’ve been looking around the road shops around my neighbourhood và kept seeing these glossy tint sticks that you twist up. It’s not your typical lipstick, lip tint, or even a gloss. It doesn’t have the hardness of a lipstick, it’s not watery like a lip tint, và it doesn’t have a sponge applicator lượt thích a gloss. But at the same time it’s all three combined into a stick form. It’s pretty great. I bought the Innisfree Glow Tint Stick và The Faceshop Ink Gel Stick, both of which are new products this year.

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I’ll start with the packaging first. The Ink Gel Stick from The Face siêu thị comes in a compact semi đen nhám tube. Compared lớn the length of the Innisfree one it’s about 1/3 shorter. After you take off the lid you can twist the bottom và adjust the amount of product; also you get 1.5g of sản phẩm for 12,900KRW. The Innisfree Glow Tint Stick comes in a creamy trắng glossy tube with a little color window on the top. If you you have ever bought the Real Fit lipstick from Innisfree it just looks like a longer version of it. The twist mechanism is separate from the cap, so if you’re not careful you could accidentally twist it somehow. The Glow Tint Stick has 1.8g of product for 10,000KRW.

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The texture & finish of the the two are smooth, creamy, & glossy. Both melt on to lớn the lips and glides on the lips without any stickiness. The Ink Gel Stick to lớn apply both products only twist up 1mm và that should be enough for one application. The Ink Gel stick twists up .05mm for one full twist. Both have a nourishing oils to lớn keep your lips moist. The Glow Tint Stick has Camellia oil và the Ink Gel Stick has plum seed extract, rose hip extract, và safflower oil.

The Face siêu thị Ink Gel Stick in RD02 Red Song
Innisfree Glow Tint Stick in #3 Rippling Coral Lake… long name hahaha

I would say that The Face siêu thị tint stick is a little more opaque compared to lớn the Innisfree one & the tint left over is a little more stronger. Also, the Ink Gel Stick has more glide while the Glow Tint Stick is just a tad tackier. The lasting power nguồn for both are good if you’re not drinking or eating, but you would need to lớn reapply after a meal. Personally I prefer the màu sắc selection of the Innisfree ones. Nevertheless, both are really great products and there are 12 colors lớn choose from the Ink Gel Sticks and 10 colors khổng lồ choose from the Glow Tint Sticks.

The Face siêu thị Ink Gel StickInnisfree Glow Tint Sticks

If you’re ready khổng lồ try out a new type of tint sản phẩm that gives you a glossy pigmented lips in a convenient twisty stick form then try either of these products!

What tints have you used or are using now?

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