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Health is consisdered the most important to lớn everyone. You can’t vày any thing well if you don’t have sầu good health. So how to lớn stay healthy is very important. There are many tips lớn keep fit, such as:-vị more execrcise-eat more fruit và vegetable-wash your h& more-wash less tvI think we should try lớn stay healthy, beside: Live more useful, help orther people, smile more those will make you heathier & happier.

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In our life, there are lots of valuable things but I think the most worthy and important khổng lồ human"s life is health. With health, we can vày anything we want, for example, if we are healthy, we can have more energy to lớn study better and work well. Also, we can freely take up any sports to lớn play và moreover, health also helps us prevent some diseases because our bodies are powerful & energetic và no virut can affect them. But what happens if we aren"t healthy? It occurs many bad situations that can make us confused và worried. Without health, we can"t do anything. Everyday, we always feel tired and annoyed. We want lớn play sports but we can"t st& still & we we just hold the racquet it suddenly falls down. We want khổng lồ study và work but our heads are so tires, the brains don"t work so we can"t understvà anything. More seriously, if we aren"t healthy, our bodies can"t prevent themselves from being attacked by the virus that cause some illness. It is seious.

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Our ancestors often say:"Prevention is better than cure". Yes, don"t wait until we are siông xã & we have to lớn see the doctor. It"s a waste of money. So when our health is normal, let"s bởi something to lớn make it better. There are many ways to have a good health. First, we should vì morning exercises every morning or every afternoon. Doing exercises will help us burn the calories & build the strong muscles and we can feel healthier when we finish doing them. There are lots of kinds of exercises like: playing badminton, going jogging, doing yodomain authority, doing aerobics, going cycling.... & so on. Second, we should keep a balanced và proper diet. Many people wonder why? You know that nowadays lots of people, especially women are constantly replacing their normal diet with another unsuitable diet that just includes fruits and water. I agree that those will help their skins become soft and beautiful but are they healthy?. Beauty comes, danger comes too. We must eat properly. One meal must include vegetables, meat, fish & a little fatty food-it won"t make you fat. It just gives you more energy. The last one is sleeping enough. If we don"t sleep enough, we"ll be tired và our eyes will become purple(^-^). When we join the lectures và listen lớn the teachers, our eyes seem like they want to lớn cđại bại và you can even sleep in the class to lớn because of being too tired. That also affects the health. When we sleep enough, our heads can be clear enough to lớn realize what is happening & our brains will work better.

Those above are some ways to stay healthy and get into shape. Healthy is very important. It seems to lớn maintain our life. So, let"s follow those above sầu khổng lồ healthy a better health.