Because my previous mobile phone was always skipping frames and getting heated-up when I used it lớn play games, I thought it may be time that I get a new điện thoại phone. I then chose Xiaomi ngươi 8 Lite (Mi 8 Youth Edition) because of my personal preferences. So far, I have been using the phone for a while. So now I will nói qua a simple đánh giá with you.

I went lớn some length tofind itspackaging box so that I couldpretend that I just received this phone. The box is colorfuland not quite the same as the box of aXiaomi phoneI once bought.

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Xiaomi mày 8 Lite design

Xiaomi ngươi 8Litehas an LCD screenand the backis made of akind ofglass material.The one Ibought is blackand the back looks lượt thích a mirror.Should youeverfind yourself in need of a mirror và there isn't one available,Xiaomi mi 8can serve you just fine.Itcomesequipped with a Type-C charging portand no tai nghe jack. (There is a headphone conversion cable.) This means you can only choose one between charging the phone và using the headphones. For some people who are used khổng lồ a 3.5mm headphone jack, it is not very convenient. However,this shouldn't be too big a problemif you have a công nghệ bluetooth không dây headset.


Xiaomi mày 8 Lite gaming performance

I did mention that I boughtthe smartphone phone forplayinggames. Thismobile phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 660which I thinkis adequate for said purpose. The game runs smoothly andthere is no droppedframe, the operating temperatureisalso acceptable. Just like that my needs for playing games is met, theexperience has improvedquitea lot, too.That is the reason why I deem Xiaomi mi 8Literather excellent up till now.


The experience that Xiaomi mày 8Litebrings me ismuchmore than just the games.

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Xiaomi mày 8 Lite camera

I have khổng lồ say, thefront cameraof the phoneis really amazing. My friends và I love this camera that hasa resolution of24-megapixeland AI-beautyfunction. In addition to playing games together, mytime spent with my friends also involves a heavy load of selfie-taking. I took so manyselfiesusing this phone that I recently got the nickname "Selfie-nonstop" frommy friends.And thehorizontal rear dual camera is a combination of a resolution of12-megapixel and that of 5-megapixel. Plus,there's also a beautification function when shooting videosand various shooting modesto choose from.The portrait mode amongwhich allows one lớn adjust the depth of fieldas well as bokeh. These go wellbeyond my expectationsand have made mefall in love withphotographing. Now no matter where I go,I lượt thích to take a few pictures.


Xiaomi mày 8 Lite battery

However, when I charge the phone while playinggames, the charging is not particularly fastand the gaming experience is not particularly good. If I don't use the phone to play gamesthen one single charge is enough for a whole day's use. ButI will forgive this small imperfection for the fact that the games run smoothly & that the phone doesn't get heated up.The performance is not badand thatis also reflected on the smoothness duringmy usual switching between different APPs. In general, Xiaomi ngươi 8Literuns with nostagnation.


To sum things up, the fact that with thephonethere's nolongeranydropped frameor overheating when playing gamesis estimated before I even gotthe phone. I did learn about the shooting function of Xiaomi mi 8Litewhen I purchased it,but still, the real thing amazed me. This phone is very suitable for people who like to play games and take photos. & if you have the same complaints as I did regardingmy previous phone,Ihighlyrecommend Xiaomi ngươi 8Litetoyou. It is worthevery penny and more.

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